Ramirez vs Hooker: Fist Will Fly to Unify

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on July 27th, at the College Center Park in Arlington Texas two junior welterweight champions will put their titles on the line in a unification bout presented by DAZN.

Jose Ramirez (24-0, 16KOs) and Maurice Hooker (26-0-4, 27KOs) look to achieve the title of “undisputed” and this fight will push them closer to making that claim. Ramirez holds the WBC while Hooker hold the WBO. Both fighter tout unbeaten resumes and are considered among the best of the division.

Ramirez will be at a slight disadvantage as the crowd will most likely be favoring Hooker since the venue is near his hometown. This fight will be bringing the best out of these two champions since both want the coveted title of “undisputed” as well as neither one wanting to lose their status as undefeated. As the saying goes someone’s “0” ( and belt) has got to go! Tune in on DAZN on July 27th to find out the results of this great matchup unfold.

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