2019 Ringmasters Championship- The Road to Madison Square Garden

2018 brought the launch of USA Boxing Metro’s ” Ringmasters Championship: Road to the Garden”. Last year’s tournament was filled with over 600 amateur competitors and out of those, 75+ were crowned champions in various age and weight classes. The 2019 Ringmasters Championships began February 7th at Amazura Night Club in Queens NY. Fighters that have advanced to the Seniors finals will be entering the ring in Madison Square Garden on April 19th. The tournament is open to all fighters that are registered with USA boxing. Age divisions: JO( 8-16), Youth( 17-18), Seniors (19-40) and Masters (40+).

The tournament consists of:

  • Champions belts for Junior, Youth and Master Division
  • Championship Rings for Senior Male and Female Division
  • Winners of the Senior Divisions at Madison Square Garden will Advance to the National Golden Gloves

For tickets or more information go to http://www.ringmastersboxing.com

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