Bitter British Rivals: Degale and Eubank Jr. Farewell Fight?

James Degale (25-2-1, 15KOs) will face off against fellow countryman and rival Chris Eubank Jr. (27-2 21KOs) at the 02 Arena in London, February 23rd. This bout is a non-title bout at super middleweight.

Degale as been talking about retirement being quoted as saying ” this is a retirement fight. Whoever loses can knock it on the head. Whoever loses, game over. A lot of people think I am in a decline but they are in for a shock”. Degale is aware of the public opinion on himself and that could be a big motivator in this fight. Degale is looking to make a statement and try to “retire” Eubank Jr. since he sees no where for Chris to go after he beats him as he stated. Degale is a tough fighter who is tricky with a stance switching style, fighting mostly southpaw.  Degale sees Eubank Jr. being too arrogant and a fighter that “limited”. Degale stated that Eubank Jr. is “well down” at the bottom of his resume hinting that he is a lower caliber fighter compared to his previous opponents.

Chris Eubank Jr. was quoted as saying ” James talks retirement but it has never even come into my mind,” said Eubank Jr. “In February it will be a painful lesson. I have been training to fight you for years. I know everything about you.” Eubank was seen as an exceptional fighter and was on everyone’s radar but seemed to fall short against George Groves which many people felt like Groves exposed Eubank Jr. as a mediocre fighter. Eubank is looking to prove he is not a fluke and that he belongs in the pot of contenders.

With careers on the line both fighters will be leaving it all in the ring, they know that the stakes are high which has the makings of a great fight. These fierce rivalry will be put to the test on February 23rd as this fight will be broadcasted on ITV Box Office PPV which has partnered up woth PBC.

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