Biggest Event In Combat Sport History…Big Win or Big FAIL?

Biggest Event In Combat Sport History…Big Win or Big FAIL?

Last nights boxing meets MMA spectacle was a megamatch between an undefeated legend coming out of retirement against a huge star fighter. The highly anticipated event had fans from all over the world coming together to find out what would happen if the world of boxing met the world of mixed martial arts.What would happen if the leading man of the full contact UFC went head to head with the revolutionary of the WBA? What would happen if Floyd “Money” Mayweather and The Notorious Conner McGreggor went one one one in a boxing match?

At the end of the night the fans were torn with the outcome. Some fans said the outcome was the plan of the winner all along. Other fans said that the referee’s call was premature. The profits involved were huge. From all the PPV views, to live ticket sales, betting, merchandise, viewing parties and more, the fight drew billions of dollars. The biggest profit was of course, for the superstars involved in the main event.

At the end of the night Floyd Mayweather was awarded the technical knock out victory win over Conner McGreggor in the 10th round. Many people say that the match was stopped short and many people say it was called down the middle. McGreggor was never knocked down and the opposition argues the call was fair since he hadn’t thrown a punch in over a minute.

There were people happy with the outcome and there were people that were not. When the ‘Biggest event in combat sport history is talked about and the question is asked, “how was that fight?”, it all depends who is asked. Boxing fans, Mayweather fans and experts say it was expected while many Irishman, UFC fans and other experts say the match could have gone on loner and who knows what could have happened then.

No matter which side you were rooting for or your feeling about the outcome, anyone who tuned into this block buster event was a part of history and many had a fun time celebrating a once in a lifetime professional fight that the hype of won’t soon be matched.




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